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twitter sign up steps – Create Account – Twitter Sign In

twitter sign up steps: About everyone has an account on at least one social media network. In the process that you are searching for how to create a twitter account, you’ve gone to the ideal spot, in light of the way that in this article we are going to take you through each walk of the Twitter Sign Up procedure and outfit you with the data essential to share your first tweet.

How to Create a Twitter Account – Twitter Sign Up

Like all social media networks, Twitter can be used for a wide array of purposes, from sharing your opinions on topics you find important, to strengthening your brand’s identity. So here’s how you can open a new account on Twitter.

How to Create a Twitter account on the Web

Step 1
Navigate to Twitter’s home page, using a web browser on your computer, and click on the Sign Up option. Enter your full name, phone number, email address and a password.

Step 2
You will have to pick a username that has no more than 15 characters.

Step 3
Check the Keep me signed in on this computer checkbox if you are creating an account from a private computer. You can also allow the platform to customize your account based on your recent online activity by clicking on the Tailor Twitter based on my recent website visits checkbox. After you’ve entered your information, you’ll have to accept the terms and conditions and then click on the Create My Account button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4
A verification email will be sent to the email address you entered. Go to your email account, and click on the link in the message you received from Twitter, in order to verify the account you just created. Congratulations, you have successfully opened a new Twitter account.

Twitter Sign Up

Twitter Sign Up Process through a Smartphone App

Android and iPhone users can go through their gadgets to set another account on Twitter. Head over to Google Play or the App Store using your Smartphone and find the Twitter application. Once it appears in the search results, click on it to initiate the download and the installation process. When it shows up in the list items, click on it to start the download and the establishment procedure. After the Twitter application is effectively introduced on your gadget, tap on it to begin setting up your new account.

The way toward making another record through a Smartphone application is equivalent to the one we portrayed previously. Along these lines, simply embed your genuine name, username, email address and secret key and after that tap on the SignUp catch.

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How to Create Multiple Twitter Accounts With the Same Email Address

Using the same email address for two Twitter accounts isn’t possible. However, you can insert “+something” between your username and the @gmail extension to create email aliases which Gmail just regards them as the same address and delivers the email directly to your normal Gmail account. All emails from your new Twitter account will be sent to your original email address, even though you added the “+something” to it. This simple hack will allow you to manage multiple accounts from the same email address.

Can you log in to more than one Twitter Account at a time via the web?

Getting a couple of various Twitter accounts from the same web browser isn’t an option since you first have to log out from one account in order to be able to log in to another one within the same web browser. Logging to multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously is only possible if you access the platform from different web browsers or if you are using TweetDeck feature that allows its users to manage two or more Twitter accounts from the same browser.

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