LIFI TECHNOLOGY: Wireless communication is what the world requires now, so there is a great hunger for a better means of communication. Triggered by the crisis of radio frequency (RF) spectrum.
LI-FI Tech is a high speed, bidirectional, and fully networked wireless communication of data using light, it is an alternative to WI-FI. LI-FI is a short form of Light Fidelity while WI-FI is a short form of Wireless Fidelity.LI-FI makes use of live light for data transmission while WI-FI uses electromagnetic wave at radio frequencies for data transmission.LI-FI covers the distance of 100 meters and WIFI covers at about 300 meters.

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LI-FI is highly important, it provides high-speed data communication around the cloak by turning normal lights into network access is made of several light bulbs that form a wireless network.

Some of the Applications of LI-FI includes;

Educational systems
LI-FI is the latest technology that can provide the fastest speed for network is a better choice to WI-FI and can replace it at institutional and companies as it is cheaper, faster and easy to use.
Data protection.
One of the greatest advantage LI-FI has over WI-FI and any other network is data protection. since light through which the network is generated can not pass through walls or gate hence data security is highly improved concerning radio-based networks.
Underwater Applications
Underwater remotely operated automobiles operate from large cables that supply their power and allow them to receive signals from their pilots above. But the tether used in the remotely operated automobile is not long enough to enable them to explore larger areas. If their wires were replaced with light e.g high powdered lamp they would be freer to explore, they could infant use their headlights to interact with each other, processing data automatically and sending their results back to the surface.

Disaster management
LI-FI can be used as a means of communication especially in times of disaster like hurricane and earthquakes. A normal person may not understand the protocols during such disasters. subway stations, tunnels and common dead zones do not pose as obstacles to LI-FI.

Mobile connectivity
With the help of LI-FI iPhones, laptops, android phones and other highly technological appliances can easily connect to each other. The short range network of LI-FI can yield exceptionally high data rate and higher security, they easily work where WI-FI, Bluetooth etc are baned.
Cheaper internet in Aircraft.
A passenger travelling on high get low access to speed internet at a very high rate.WI-FI would not be used because it might interfere with the navigable systems of the pilots. LI-FI can be used in aircraft for data transmission, it can provide high speed of data through the light source directly inside the plane without interfering with the navigable systems of the pilots.
Better transportation system
LED version which is constantly used to replace a car headlights offers car-to-car communication through LI-FI this helps to prevent collision and helps to share information between cars, traffic lights already make use of LI-FI technology which helps motorist to download traffic information when seeking routes to take and as well upgrade the information concerning conditions recently experienced by motor users.


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