can you unsend an email

How to Undo a Sent Email in Gmail

how can you unsend an email-The most effective method to fix a sent email in Gmail – this subject may be old for nerds out there in light of the fact that this alternative was accessible in Gmail since 2009 by Gmail labs.  Yet at the same time, a couple of perusers are ignorant of this choice in Gmail and this could be valuable info for them.

Ever lamented in the wake of sending an email to somebody? Ever sent a critical email to the wrong email address? Ever sent an individual mail to your Boss? I surmise we as a whole did this mix-up once in our lifetime. Sending an email to the wrong individual may present to you a shame or far and away more terrible, Just Imagine what will occur in the event that you send your Company secret email to some obscure individual? You may even get ended from your Company for that.

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We generally must be cautious while sending an email make a point to twofold browse the email addresses appropriately to spell botches just as space names. Luckily on the off chance that you are utilizing Gmail, there exists an alternative to UNDO a sent email however with certain limitations.  Let us perceive how to fix a sent email in Gmail.

Step 1: Login to your Gmail

Once you logged in you can see the Settings gear icon on the Top right-hand side Corner ( see image below ) of your Gmail Account.

Undo Sent Email 1

Step 2: Select the Settings option

Once you select click the settings gear icon, you can see the settings option like in the below image.

email 2

Step 3: Select the Labs option

In the settings page, you will be seeing a list of options, select the lab’s option in that

Undo sent email

Step 4: Select UNDO Send

Now, in the Labs page, you will see a list of features to select, Scroll down and select UNDO to send option and Enable it. Make sure to save the settings once you selected your options, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Email 5

Undo sent email

Step 5 :

Now, if you send an email to someone you will get an option “UNDO” sent the email or view message for 30 seconds.

Note: By default after you empower this alternative this will seem just for 5 seconds, however, you can stretch out this as long as 30 seconds. To broaden it for 30 seconds in the wake of following the above advances go to Gmail settings – > General – > Scroll down until you see “Fix send” alternatives – > select send crossing out period to 30 seconds.

Undo sent email


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