How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile Online

Who Viewed my Instagram profile’ — If you’re an energetic Instagrammer with an open profile, this idea probably entered your thoughts commonly. No damage in needing to see who’s impressed by your creativity and checking you out on this popular social network.

Who Viewed your profile

However, it would be naive to think that all Instagrammers follow the ‘Like-and-Follow’ process. Most might prefer to just check the profile without actually following the account.

this is often true in some case of well-known brands. if your someone who loves Netflix but you don’t want to inundate your feed with their photos (they post several times every day) then it makes sense to not follow them and instead visit their profile once in a day (or a week) to browse through their recent posts.

But, how does one track such profile visitors who don’t care to follow? Does Instagram let you see who viewed your profile?


If you are one of those curious folks, then get ready for some disappointment. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let you know who has visited your profile. It doesn’t have an in-app functionality to track your profile visitors, yet.

How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile Online

Instagram, like Facebook, is tight-lipped about this particular question, for obvious privacy issues. To put it simply, they have the data but they aren’t sharing it with anyone, not even you.

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Now that the in-app function is out of the picture, what about the third-party apps? A quick Google search will reveal plenty of online tools and third-party apps both for Android and iOS that claim to offer this functionality. In fact, a Play Store search reveals hundreds of apps named accordingly.

The question of the hour is, do these apps actually work? Nope!

How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile Online

Most of these apps seem to be fake and they usually pick random Instagram names and display the same to you. In fact, some of them even ask you to pay a small amount of money if you want to see more than five names. you can go to App play store for that.


If you’re still hell-bent on tracking your visitors, the now-popular Instagram Stories feature is the best way to do so, since the stories posted by public accounts are accessible to almost everyone (unless they are blocked from viewing it).

All you have to do is open a story and swipe up. Click on the eyeball icon and the list of people who have visited your story will be neatly displayed. This includes users who aren’t following your Instagram account.

How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile Online?

We feel sad to let you know this but you can’t see who viewed your profile or let you see the names of your profile Vistors.

They are to stay a secret and rightly so. If you’d not like someone else to know that you’ve visited their profile (say, your ex), it should also hold true the other way around.

So, the next time curiosity gets the better of you, you know better than to trust the third-party apps.


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