how to make an ebay account

how to make an eBay account: this the best online marketplace, where you can sell your products to consumers willing to buy. and this is done on the web site. on, users can browse through categories of goods and service they offer when they open eBay account.

The website is open in just 30 countries around the world, with their official site you can log in as a user that has the eBay account. note that before you can buy and sell any product on eBay you must have an account of your own. and they are both buyers and sellers on eBay web site.

How To Create an eBay Account |

You have the freedom as a seller on eBay account, to choose a preferred payment method, for auctioning product. Paypal payment site link gives an option to the seller. To allow sellers to get a better and faster payment for those that are able to access PayPal in their location.

However, it helps your eBay account profile. some products on are sold on auction terms, except for few categories that let seller mark as fixed price for their products. both the seller and buyer must agree on the conditions and terms, especially about the delivery of a product. the seller takes the responsibility of shipping the sold item to the buyer, while the buyer also fulfils his part based on the conditions stated by the seller.

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To have an account with eBay is free and as well as easy. it only asks for an email address, a name and password. note that you have to be upon to 18 years old before you can create an account. because your account could be sanctioned if you violate the age policy of the website. A strong internet connection would help you to create an account.

how to make an ebay account

Guide On How To Create an eBay Account

To create an eBay account is open for all users, which is known as sign up. the eBay website is a place, where you can buy and sell all types of products.

  • Launch a browser in your computer and enter the official URL ‘’ in the address bar.
  • Click ‘enter’ when you are done. This will take you to eBay’s home page where you will be seen as visitors and you can also browse categories available on the site.
  • Click the ‘register’ link at the top-left of the websites. You will be taken to the first page of the registration form. Here you can choose the kind of account you want to register; you can select between a Personal or Business account.

The following details are required from the personal eBay account; your first name, last name, email address and password combination.

While the following requirements are expected to be filled out in the business eBay account are; the business name, the business email, a password, and the business phone number.

All your details must be legal and must be according to the law governing your country. A recapture challenge will pop up and you would be required to solve it, in the business account creation page.

After entering the details required, you then click on the register button. You would be taken to your new account page. where you would have to verify the email address.

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