How to Fix your Oneplus One Mic Issue

How to Fix your Oneplus One Mic Issue in Just 4 Steps

How to Fix your Oneplus One Mic Issue-Alright! you have New Oneplus One, A gadget with the top of the line arrangement that can rival other marked tops of the line phones out there. But still you are frustrated that you were not ready to converse with your companions and relatives utilizing headset, you may be truly irritated along these lines. Your Headset may have worked appropriately as it expected to be the point at which you hear melodies.

Be that as it may if your headset is associated while influencing a call you to can just hear the voice of the individual who is talking on the opposite side yet they won’t most likely hear you except if or until you put in speaker mode or expel the headset. If you are the one confronting this issue then this is the post for you. What’s more, don’t assume you’re the main individual who got tired of this Oneplus one mic issue, there are numerous out there and I am one among you. The arrangement is straightforward and it’s only a one moment of work to Fix your Oneplus One Mic issue while talking. Simply pursue the underneath ventures As soon as your module your headset the principal thing you’ll see is TTY Notification Icon at the Notification bar. The TTY condensing represents teletypewriter, a gadget that permits hard of hearing or hearing-hindered people to impart by means of the phone by composing content messages. So Now due to this TTY Feature, it is ceasing the client on the opposite side from hearing us.

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So now we will handicap this TTY highlight on our Oneplus One subsequent to impairing this TTY choice we will probably think carefully with no issues, Just pursue the underneath pictures to incapacitate it. You can become familiar with TTY by visiting this Wikipedia Link Step 1: Go to Phone Dialer in your Oneplus One >> Open settings >> (Refer pic 1) If you are utilizing outsider dialer application >> Go to the App cabinet and open the Phone dialer manually(Refer Pic 2)

Oneplus one MIC

Oneplus one MIC 2

Step 2 :

After Opening Go to >> Settings >> 3 dotted Menu (refer pic)

Oneplus one MIC

Step 3 :

Go to Other Settings >> Open TTY Mode >>

Oneplus one MIC 4

Step 4 :

Disable TTY Mode By selecting Off in the POP UP Menu >>

Oneplus one MIC 5

By default it will be ON which is why you used to see TTY mode when we connect to the Headset . After Disabling you will not see TTY icon anymore and you are all set now

Now Plug-in Your Headset and Your Oneplus One MIC will work while talking

If You have updated to Latest Cyanogen 12( Lolly Pop ) or Oxygen OS then refer the below pics to change the settings.

Fix OnePlus One Mic Issue in Lolly Pop

Fix OnePlus One Mic Issue in Lolly Pop

after doing this trick if it doesn’t work for you then you can try root your phone and follow the tutorials displayed in XDA Forum as well as in OnePlus One Official Forum Share your views in the Comments


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