How To Delete Vultr Account

How To Delete Vultr Account – Vultr is an online Cloud Hosting and VPS Server website that allows its registered users to deploy instances on servers and store files. The online application allows its users to create or edit account information, deploy a server, choose the size of a server and configure your server to start running.

Meanwhile, the question, is are you fed up with your Vultr account and looking for a chance to delete it? If the answer is YES then this is where you can benefit from our step-by-step guide on how to delete your Vultr account on PC/Website, Android app and on the iPhone app at any point in time without necessarily running to computer center or friends for assistance.

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However, before we proceed with the steps on how to Delete Vultr Account here are some of our outstanding features that you failed to explore while you were using our account.

Features of Vultr Account

– Data Center Locations

– Advanced Network

– Control Panel

– Operating Systems

– Upload ISO

– One-click Apps

– Bring your IP space

– Create/View servers

– Start/Stop/Restart/Reinstall/Destroy servers

– Enable/Disable Server backups

– Create/Delete/View snapshots

– Create/Edit/View users

– Experimental support for viewing bandwidth usage.

How to Delete Vultr Account or Deactivate Vultr Account

Currently, you cannot delete your account from Vultr website however you can submit a request to do so by following the step by step instructions given below:-

File A Request to Company Support

1. Go to the following URL “”.

2. Now Sign-in to your account and fill-up the form.

3. Write down your query and get a response directly from the company support team.

For more information on How to Delete Vultr Account then stay updated to this website.

Therefore, feel free to make your comment and contribution if you find any difficulty while Delete Vultr Account and we shall get back to you immediately. Meanwhile, you can also share page link on your social media accounts so that others can also know about it. Thanks.


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