Sign Up for New Mail Account Sign Up for New Mail Account: is a mailing account practically for an online Email that helps it, users, to get mail from other services and be able to send mail as well.

Apart from the mail receiving and sending forms, a mail account additionally has a storage facility as well helps to save documents and some important records which you will need. Sign Up for New Mail Account |

Opening an Email account is free but some have the pro version. We are bringing the Google Gmail account here.

Google Gmail mail is known to be the best among all other mail services in the whole world especially when your opening a new account is so easy and very simple. and friendly-usage to make a new message (form) and filters spam messages. Sign Up

For sign up for a new account it requires your full name, the new email address you want to use, location, DOB, Mobile number which you will be used to verify your new Google account registration.

Steps Ahead:

Code for Verification: this is done with the mobile number you used in registering..the code will be sent by calling the number or by SMS. Note the code will only be used once’s and it expires.

Alternative email: This is another email method you have to provide here just in case you lose your password, a reset link or account recovering will be sent to that alternative email. However, its also optional, meaning that you may decide to or not to provide an email account of yours.

Capture code: The capture code is for you to re-enter the code or text just the way it appears. This helps to provide that you are not a robot.

Agreement check: whenever there is a prompt for you to agree to the Google’s terms and conditions to use the account you have to check the box and agree, if not your registration will be declined.

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Gmail Account Features

Compose Email this area You can compose new email messages and send mail to more than one person at a time and the process is very easy, it also allows you import pictures, files, etc.

Filtering Spam Messages: this feature is one of the best Google had here, the ability to filter for users which mail is spam. But you can also by your self agree that a spam mail isn’t spammed anymore. That decision is left to you. Or you can delete forever.

Storage Facility: Google provides a free 18GB storage facility to save your files or documents. Making it easy for you to access your documents anytime and anywhere. sign up guide Sign Up for New Mail Account

  1. Enter the official website
  2. Now click on the create new account
  3. Put in your information as required. On getting to phone number ensure to enter a correct and working mobile number because Google will call or text you a verification code to complete your registration. Then getting to alternative email (optional)
  4. Press on the Agree button, that’s by agreeing on the teams and condition
  5. Now click on the next button to proceed.
  6. confirm that your phone number is correct. Then choose which way you want Google to send the verification code (either via SMS or calling). Then enter the code and click verify.
  7. Now you just finished with the Sign Up for New Mail Account.
  8. Click Sign in to see your account.

We do hope the post was helpful on how to create a Gmail account, in case you are confused you can use the comment box below, and don’t forget to share with your friends as well.


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