things to do when unemployed and bored

Best things to do If you are Jobless

things to do when unemployed and bored-5 Best activities If you are Jobless: We all may have longed for carrying on with a well off life in the wake of completing our graduation. The greater part of the understudy’s supplication is to find a new line of work in Campus situations in any Multinational Corporation Company. After graduation, Graduates endeavour to procure pocketful of cash to deal with their family and to live with a sense of pride in their general public. However, what a number of understudies accomplished their fantasies? what number of understudies achieved their objectives? It’s not their fantasy to be a tycoon, it’s only a typical man dream to find a new line of work, win great cash that is all their fantasy. A definitive objective is to procure cash so they can deal with their very own necessities and their family and live with certainty.

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India’s population with the increased birth rate day by day it has become a distant dream for 80% of the students to get into IT company or Core company after graduation. Just like India’s population, the number of Engineering Colleges getting increased day by day. India totally has 780+ Universities and our Tamilnadu tops third among them with 50+ Universities. In Tamilnadu alone, there are 2705 Colleges and among them 882 Engineering Colleges. So it is clear that even if many companies recruit students through campus placements, only 200-300 students can get in a placement batch maximum, others students are out of options since Campus Placements will be held only for students who got 70% and above in their academics. It is clear that almost 80% of the college students passed out every year is in the process of job searching. Even if the ratio is 60-40 between the success and failure, the remaining 40% of the students are unemployed which is in lacs when counted.
So if you are one among them, What you do right now in your life? If you still can’t t focus your mind on anything stable? Here is the list of 5 Best things to do if you are Jobless after completing your Degree.

5 Best things to do if you are Jobless:

things to do when unemployed and bored

5)Write Articles for others:,

On the off chance that you are great recorded as a hard copy, you can compose articles for other people. You can make a profile in UpWork, iWriter, and Fiver. Clarify plainly what is your field of intrigue or themes that you might want to compose for other people. Yet, composing articles for others won’t bring you a decent measure of cash at first however once you begin composing persistently you will get a decent measure of cash. At the point when an enrollment specialist prefers your articles, he will give you work persistently and furthermore he will begin prescribing you to his companions. You can utilize instruments like Hemingway, Grammarly to improve your English composing and syntax abilities. Venture out making a profile on outsourcing sites in the event that you are an enthusiastic author and in the event that you are keen on composing for other people. I have recorded few of them here Hubpages, oDesk, Elance, Craigslist, Freelancer, Guru, FreelanceWritingGigs, UpWork, iWriter and you can google to discover all the more outsourcing sites.

 4)Social Networking:

Let me ask you a Question. Can you find any one person in your friends’ circle who doesn’t know about Facebook or Twitter? I bet you can’t. The Social Network has been intertwined with our day to day life. You may question me, How this is going to help you? Let me answer. There are good and bad in everything, Bad thing is you can waste your time by sitting idle scrolling your Timeline feed and pass time or you can use it as a good medium to get contacts by joining in Job finding groups & pages. Be active in those groups/pages thereby you can be up to date on walk-in interviews that are happening in and around your city, which will surely help you to get a job. Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ have helped many persons to get a job. And don’t forget to register in Job Portals websites like Naukri, Timesjobs, Outsource, Monsterindia and make use of sites like Chetanas Forum, Prepare Interview to know about Sample Interview questions. If you have not registered in Job portals I strongly recommend you to register right away and make use of it.

3)Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing actually has great potential to earn money than IT job. It may be skeptical for you to hear, but it’s the truth. If you are a good marketer and has many contacts then you can easily earn more money by choosing this option. If you are a Blogger its an added advantage. Even If you don’t have a website, you can still earn using Affiliate Marketing. Many may not agree with me by saying that Website is must for an Affiliate Marketing, YES, I do agree with it, But If you are having a Facebook page with a lot of likes, large Facebook group, lot of followers in Twitter and GooglePlus Community then you can sell products using your affiliate links directly using your social media marketing skills. Amazon associate program is considered as the best in the world for Affiliate Marketers. There are many Affiliate programs available for you to choose like Shareasale, Impact Radius, Commission Junction, Link Share but almost all of them requires a website. You can Google to find more about Affiliate Marketing.


Blogging is considered to be the second best things to do if you are Jobless. Blogging is another best way to make money but it’s not an easy way as you think. All you need is PC or Laptop with an internet connection and obviously your dedication and precious time. If you’re unemployed you can utilize your time fully in Blogging. Create your own blog using Google’s Blogger Platform or Automattic’s WordPress Platform. One of the Best thing about Blogging is you can write about anything that you like but make sure what you write is Quality content. People will visit your blog only if you have quality content. If you make them visit your blog regularly then you can get good traffic. Make sure to do not give up even if your traffic is very low in initial stages, find out where you are making mistake and correct them. Engage with your audience regularly by responding to their comments. Once you start to get constant traffic(say greater than 500 unique visitors daily) then you can apply for Google Adsense. Thereby you can post Ads on your Blog and make good Money. And market them using Social Network sites to get more traffic. There are other alternatives to Google Adsense like Medianet, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Amazon Ads etc. Among all, Google Adsense considered as the best. Google is strict about their policy and terms, If you do not comply them your account will get banned. Once your Adsense account gets banned, then chances are very minimal to get approved again.

1)Tuition/Coaching Class:

Truly, You read it right. Taking Tuition for youngsters is the first and Best activities in the event that you are Jobless. A Branded play school gathers 40 – 50k as a yearly fee(Don’t realize where is our Education framework prompting) since guardians are occupied in winning cash they don’t invest enough energy to encourage their kids or we can say they don’t have adequate time to show their kids. So they are searching for educators who can make their youngsters ponder well. You needn’t bother with PC or web association and you don’t have to burn through cash for publicizing your educational cost. Only a Banner/Billboard is sufficient to get a couple of understudies, tell your neighbours and it will achieve numerous through verbal. Take educational cost regardless of whether it is for One or Two understudies, focus completely on their examinations and make them sparkle in their class in this manner, their folks will allude you to their companions and neighbours. These days, guardians are prepared to pay 500-1000 INR as an educational cost expense (contingent upon what region you are in). On the off chance that you had the capacity to get 20 understudies in a cluster and on the off chance that you charge 500 INR for every understudy, you can without much of a stretch get 10,000 INR for going through 2 hours in multi-day. In case you’re Good in Mathematics chances are extremely high to gain more cash. You can without much of a stretch win what an IT representative procures in a month in case you’re great at instructing. Simply be centred around educating and it might get you a decent name in your region and among your understudies.

On the off chance that you realize some other approaches to acquire cash when you are unemployed or Jobless, don’t hesitate to partake in the remarks section. I trust this rundown of best activities on the off chance that you are Jobless helped you one way or other, Feel free


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