this article will teach you how to make money as a student. Being in a higher institution can be quite fun but facing reality; it can be challenging and wicked to those who are not lucky to have buoyant parents or guardians.

however, My school life wasn’t fun as I struggled so hard to survive until I discovered that I could actually change my situation for good and make money as a student. So it rests assured that you are in the right place. As we all know, lack of finance plays a major role in low grades or how else do you expect a man who has not eaten a good meal for a long time to read well and concentrate on his books? The brain needs food to function efficiently; it consumes more energy and fats while reading and thinking tan when engaging in physical activities.

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Besides that; If you are a student in Nigeria and you desperately want to start making cool cash but think it is completely impossible to find something worthwhile to do then you are wrong. In case you are asking yourself what can I do to make money as a student in Nigeria or anywhere in the world you should know that lots of amazing opportunities abound.


Why you should find a job as a student

  1. This is a preliminary preparation for the life that comes after school.
  2. This will enable you to have some vital experiences for the future
  3. It will endow you with some important skills and understanding of any business you venture into.
  4. You will learn to become more confident when you succeed, and you will also learn an important lesson from every failure.
  5. This experience comes in handy when you start looking for a full-time job with a basic knowledge of how it works.
  6. Most importantly you will have a chance to improve your personal skill.
  You might encounter the following challenges but try to concentrate on the positive sides:
  1. Inadequate funds: You can start a business with a low capital of 2000 naira even if it requires borrowing.
  2. Time constraints: This is another factor in making money that hinders most undergraduate. When going into a business as an undergraduate, choose one that doesn’t require much of your attention so that you could give maximum time and attention to your academics.
  3. Finding your target market: The University itself is a large market base for any product and service. What is required of you is going extra miles to ensure your business add value in order to keep and attract customers?


1.FREELANCE WRITING Are you a skilled writer? Do you enjoy writing articles and blog posts? You can become a freelance writer and register on the website for freelancers to start getting orders from various websites. This job is beneficial because you can easily work from home and choose a suitable time, in contrary to the set office hours that would be required of you at the full-time work. Those good in writing can venture into it because there are many bloggers looking for writers to employ.

2. EDITING BUSINESS Many students who attend higher educational institutions have different kinds of assignments and projects. The personal computer is just enough for starting a typing business, through which you will be able to help them to type all their assignments and transform them into a digital document. If you possess good typing skills, you can definitely help students out by typing their home works.

3. DROP-SHIPPING If you are unaware what is drop-shipping, it is a special method of retail fulfillment, which means that the products that are sold in stocks are not kept in the store. When the store wants to sell the product, they purchase it from the third-party and ship to the customers. This also is a profitable business venture, and you will only need your own computer with internet access and the basic understanding of the websites like Aliexpress and Amazon. You will also have to set up your own store on Facebook , and have some experience in running the online shop and attracting traffic to it. This job is not as difficult as it seems – once you get hold of it, you will be really surprised with your finances going up.

4. GRAPHIC DESIGN Graphic design plays a really important role in the creation of any website, along with the logos, banners and other things that present the site to its potential visitors. Students in Nigeria can become graphic designers too – everyone starts small. You can also apply for a job where you will design various business cards and brochures. All that it takes is some graphics skills and a passion for designing.

5. TUTORING Perhaps you like spending time with other people and passing the knowledge to them. In this situation, the tutor job will fit for you. In case you start your own private business in tutoring, you can hold your lessons in the evening or during weekends, and you will have enough time left for school and personal activities. To become a tutor, you can start offering services either online or to people you know. Choose a subject that you are really good at gather people and begin to teach them.

6. RECHARGE CARD BUSINESS These days, the Nigerians are really obsessed with the recharge card businesses, because it appears to be lucrative, and it also does not require a lot of efforts. People usually start with printing out the cards, or purchasing the units of cards in bulks and then selling them at the higher price.

7. SELLING PAST QUESTION PAPERS This business can become very profitable among students who need the answers from the previous exams and the study papers that they have no time to compile on their own. If you have ever done huge papers of material for your studies that contain all the necessary information, you can try selling them for a favorable price to the students who are in a grade below you.

8. SELLING ARTWORK Always had high artistic skills and dreamed of selling your art to the public? Now you can do it since you have a great benefit of being a student and establishing a lot of connections. Nowadays, artists can sell their existing art and accept commissions from people for their characters, ideas, designs or settings, which makes them earn good money. You can work either in a traditional or digital way, depending on your preference. You should just think how much time (and materials if you are a traditional artist) it takes for you to draw the full artwork, and set your prices. This is a perfect job for those who have high artistic skills and are confident that they can fulfill their commissions in the shortest amount of time. When you have enough examples of your paintings, you can organize exhibitions at your school or university to advertise yourself to people and make them want to buy or request art from you.

9. BLOGGING Yeah, everyone wants to be a blogger nowadays, but not everyone can actually be a good blogger. If you have a topic that interests you and that you are fluent in, you just need a little confidence – chances are that your blog can gain popularity in no time if your posts are memorable and unique. It is completely free to start a blog on a platform WordPress or Blogspot, and you will also have to learn some pitfalls of blogging business before starting to earn money.

10.SELLING USED CLOTHES WHICH ARE PRESENTABLE Maybe you have some clothes that were already worn, but they are still in a good state? Perhaps you have that one dress or this pair of shoes that you have bought, worn once, and felt uncomfortable in it? Instead of just keeping these clothes without purpose in your wardrobe, you could sell them to the other people who would probably be happy to buy clothes for a good price instead of going to the expensive stores.



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